Problem Users to many-saytovыh and Much-mahazynnыh systems

When Work happening Much-Much-saytovыh and mahazynnыh systems voznykaet by users with a number of problems:
1. Members on raznыh Submissions may sovpadat, but This Different Users.
2. Members mogut bыt odynakovыmy on raznыh sites.

In systems Bitrix Yukos and one and the same tot USER – USER at all Sites.
Thus, the registered USER single used on this site, is believed, that already sushchestvuet in other sites and because of эtoho Can not admission Another at that site. And Moreover, not allows us to zarehystryrovat Members, because on already “there are in the system.” What sozdaet opredelennыe problems.

Therefore, We in 2 Corporation vыbyraet Another path. Each USER ymeet Own unykalnыy the identity, kotorыy heneryruetsya Automatic system. Data-ID heneryruetsya spetsyalnыm algorithm allows us to kotorыy made the unykalnыe ydentyfykatorы not peresekayuschyesya t to all the world.
Users rehystryruetsya on the site, and “becomes attached” k nemu. If Users Need a job simultaneously on raznыh sites, the Administrator ukazыvaet These rights vseh Corporation of the system 2 (Super Administrator).
If the same USER he rehystryruetsya on other sites, it is believed, that This drugoj users. Even If the user name USER sovpadaet.

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