Program for Data Encryption Truecrypt

  1. Encryption system drive and the operating system (OS)
  2. Few of decoding
  3. Pravdopodobnoe denial prychastnosty (Plausible Deniability)


Dannoe software allows us to made the otdelnыe kryptokonteynerы, Encrypt tselыe razdelы Drive,

Encryption “on the fly” oznachaet, that ALL DATA shyfruyutsya and deshyfruyutsya before neposredstvennыm
metadannыe and etc. Encryption is working takoe prymerno so …

zashyfrovannom container. Consequently, the file òîæå encrypted. When circulation k etom file (ie You clicked on Double ferent levels, and launched) Will running program, kotoraja assotsyyrovana with эtym type files

So here, when you run the file through VLC Media Player, CEI proyhrыvatel nachynaet the Download
delayut, for example, archivers, sozdavaya vremennыe files, namely to promptly memory). After that, As part of data deshyfruetsya, vosproyzvodyatsya ones in proyhrыvatele, themes Seasons in RAM postupaet New

Obratnыm example of Encryption “on the fly” (s Very pokazatelnыm) javljaetsja then, for example, How
Only after эtoho on smozhet bыt Read (zapustytsya). In dependence from zaarhyvyrovannoho File Size Settings and obshchego Size Settings ARCHIVE – this can u occupations Very dlytelnoe time. In addition, archivers sozdayut vremennыe lokalnыe cops yzvlekaemыh files, kotorыe already rasshyfrovanы and hranyatsya
vyrtualnыm disk (volume) similarly vyzualno purely because bы As If You rabotaly with obыchnыm HDD Or fleshkoy.

logical drives, sъemnom bearer, etc.) mogut bыt rasshyfrovanы Only in Introduction sootvetstvuyuscheho password ili klyuchevoho file. Not Knowing the password, Or not ymeya key-file rasshyfrovat Data Virtually no

      Ability Using well as a portable (portable truecrypt);

works with Microsoft Windows, since 2000 / XP and Above (x32 / x64), GNU / Linux
Tiger and Above);

  • Encryption osushchestvljaetsja “on the fly” (in real TIME), and Sovershenno not zametno for Members;


and Dynamic rasshyryayuschyhsya) so i Encryption tselыh razdelov zhestkoho


  • creation zashyfrovannыh konteynerov, How to lokalnыh disks, and so on sъemnыh, including, and in the “clouds»;


Expansion (or do without Expansion), for example, txt, doc (x), mp3, img,


  • View full contents Encryption Device – zhestkyh Drive, sъemnыh bearer;
  • Various variation pravdopodobnoho denial prychastnosty, vkljuchaja and
    TrueCrypt – ones predstavljajut soboj vsego lysh Dial sluchaynыh and Data
    method termorectum cryptoanalysis);


Generally, This is believed Warranty fact, that developer is not “vshyl” What are some loophole (“bookmarks”
Yshodnыe kodы BitLocker zakrыtы, where togda Warranty that something in him is not vshytы bэkdorы? Somewhere Warranty fact, that BitLocker has no blog obshchego master key for decoding of data? Analohychnaya situation skladыvaetsya and C

This, of course but not mean, that tot the same BitLocker navernyaka ymeet “Bookmarks”. But i confirm obratnoe not predstavljaetsja not possible.

    • proverka on ydentychnost yshodnыh Coded and bynarnыh versions TruKrypt – ydentychnost pozvolyt expressed confidence declare, that in yspolnyaemыy exe-file with ofsayta not “vshytы” nykakye bэkdorы;

Zayavlennaya Amount already typed, but collection continues else (at the time napysanyya the article). And First

first thing, of course

Скачивать ТруКрипт нужно с официального сайта

Will we two possible proposals for Selection: «Install» ili «Extract».

It should remember, that Portable TrueCrypt ymeet version number is restricted – in such versions completely impossible Will zashyfrovat drives (including and stick) and systems razdelы. Therefore vыbyrat worth it in the dependence yspolzuemuyu version here потребностей.

After the installation program predlozhyt make you donate (donations), and, If Such a Possibility You ymeetsya not skupytes =)
Главное окно программы
      • In Section “Avtomatycheskoe razmontyrovanye” can be to activate an item otvechayuschyy for razmontyrovanye under the old эkrannoy savers (as well as at the entrance to the Power). Also aktyvyruem necessarily Ability razmontyrovanyya downtime, and downtime ukazыvaem TIME (eg. 30 minutes). None to something keep smontyrovannыe Tom, when we are not ones Needs.
It can be ostalnoe Leave as Default.

Basically, dostatochno Will appoint one vsego krytycheskuyu kombynatsyyu lay down kotoraja pozvolyt nemedlenno unmount all Tom, cleanse and QUIT cache of the program. In force mazhornыh situations can u
kombynatsyya «Ctrl + Shift + Arrow down” As shown in the figure. First Two nahodyatsya Very blyzko, and easily zazhymayutsya one finger, well, “arrow down” nazhymaetsya Another hand – Almost all happening

Yes, sir, TrueCrypt We have established, rusyfytsyrovaly, trimmed a little bit settings, most TIME is now move neposredstvenno By working with prohrammoy …

In TrueCrypt volumes nazыvayutsya lyubыe kryptokonteynerы, whether faylovыe konteynerы, usb-stick ili tselыe razdelы HDD. Prostыm (obыchnыm) volume nazыvaetsya ymenno faylovыy container. That is, co storony takoj container – this vsego lysh Normal file with absolutely lyubыm Expansion (or without him).

Мастер создания томов TrueCrypt
AS container file can be ANY suschestvuyuschyy Select the file (but remember, that the file Will Deleted, and zamenen to New, with the same names), or you can simply Create Empty file with lyubыm name. AS SELECT Expansion files can rukovodstvovatsya prymerno The next principle.

If the same tome is scheduled to zashyfrovannom Take care Only Small files (Documents, Kaku something

The next stages of Will «Setting Encryption» :
Next posleduet Very Important Stage – the creation of a password.
  • Only password;
  • The combination klyuchevoho password and the file (s)

and zavysyt from criticality shyfruemыh data. That is, If You just
Data – this cocoa is Very An important database (for example, non-encrypted passwords in
Require password slozhnыy (Advanced Password Generator ymeetsya, Again

Важно! Remember
nykohda not smozhete smontyrovat CEI volume! Therefore, in advance of pozabottes
Several bыt!

Recommendations on Selection password. If in cases of password Will Very prostыm,

Важно! the way, at the Choose a password can take advantage moymy Recommendations of the article «How to Select a password. Lykbez parolnoy on the Protection ». Very recommended.
Vprochem on stages follows («Formatting Volume» )
preduprezhdenye. After cheho with chystoy conscience zhmyte «No».

for Tom vыbraly cluster I leave the Default, Dynamic Volume is not
kryptokonteyner (Simple volume) was created. Now ego smontyrovat need it,
hlavnoho okna program:

  • first thing ukazыvaem letter of the future vyrtualnoho drive. Vыbyraem
    programs, for example, lokalnыm web server Avto not voznyklo
  • Nazhymaem “File …” ukazыvaem sozdannыy predыduschem stages on file zatem «Open»
  • appointed klyuchevoy file ego well as decrees Will need it.

smontyrovannыy drive dvoynoy schelchok in Kotor otkroet ego.

Virtual disks can be and through the “My Computer” and through “Start” and so on It

Смонтированный виртуальный диск
It seems the image, but with nuances nekotorыmy, you can “put a password on a flash drive” Or zashyfrovat entire disk.

SECURITY flash drives password in aid TrueCrypt. Encryption unsystematic drive and External bearer

I will be at the Show Example unsystematic partition. For Example vozmem computer on Kotor’s laid one zhestkyy drive. Thoth, in its Queue, razbyt two partition – sistemny, ymeyuschyy Tag “Lokalnыy drive” and bukvennoe oboznachenye C, and nesystemnыy – “New Volume» (E:)

detail so I have opysыvat all will not. I lysh delat emphasis on kakyh something vazhnыh detail.

Here preferably not naputat drives and razdelы. As seen in skrynshote Above, kazhdoe fyzycheskoe

Further òîæå all similarly, c and kak kryptokonteyneramy – vыbyraem password and / ili klyuchevoy file (s). AS faylovoy system advisable Will Select NTFS, Ved This tselыy drive and few were some kind of files on your prydetsya Size ferent levels on Take care. A FAT, As You know the, does not support files & gt; 4 GB.

Эta procedure can u classes dostatochnoe Quantity of time, especially, If You vыbraly Mode Encryption ymeyuschyhsya files rather than overwriting s Remove and sluchaynыmy dannыmy. Also эta procedure zavysyt POWER from the computer, and, of course the same, here Size Settings sozdavaemoho Tom. In Maugham Example, Given vesma

After the creation of Tom prochtyte Recommendations Latest TrueCrypt in poyavyvshemsya okne and memorize them. Your drive is encrypted.

said. Only when ukazanyy Tom vыbyrat not need it «File …» , and «Device …»

otformatyrovannom “as text.

TrueCrypt – dovolno sereznoe kryptohrafycheskoe software, im polzuyutsya Various categories
Despite it, that opysannыe today protsedurы dostatochno Simple (yes i TruKrypt kazhdoe Action soprovozhdaet Very podrobnыmy comment and poyasnenyyamy) Be predelno vnymatelnы Tom at creation. Especially, when Speech at ydet Drive Encryption with dannыmy, you kotorыe impossible

The program VeraCrypt, in otlychye here TrueCrypt podderzhyvaetsya obladaet number and Benefits:

2000 yteratsyy function PBKDF2-RIPEMD160. For nыneshnym of time, when zloumыshlennyky mogut arendovat brute force to Very Large vыchyslytelnыe POWER in overcast provider This nedostatochnaya

In addition uluchshennoy of protection, by yspravyl potentsyalnыe vulnerabilities in prohrammnыh TrueCrypt interface and drivers. Appeared compatibility with UEFI, so something can be the Require Encryption disks, for example, on Windows 8 and 10.
The official website of the program VeraCrypt:

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