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Cloud solution for your work, your data and systems 1S8

If you work more than a few computers and especially if you have multiple offices, shops, buildings, etc., then you have a need to store information in a single repository that is accessible to all at the same time.

However, for such a repository put forward a number of requirements, as well as a number of problems:
– It is important to exchange information with the encrypted information. Therefore, if the information is saved – it can intercept, get passwords and access, with all subsequent results, destruction or theft of information.
– On the server side has to be highly reliable high speed internet. We recommend at least 2 lines internet.
– On the server side you need a steady supply. Typically, this should be 2 mutually independent power supply line + independent power source (eg electric power generator).
– All equipment must be connected to an uninterruptible power supply that would last autonomous operation of all equipment for 1-1.5 hours.
– Data is stored on servers. Servers are very noisy. In addition, servers are special circumstances, the so-called server. And equipping of such premises rather expensive … The cost of servers and related equipment is $ thousands. Price and arrangement of server communication can reach several tens of thousands of $.
– Serve server hardware has highly qualified staff. Because the cost of failure administrator in this case – the extremely high cost of such personnel … – high.
– It is necessary to make automatic backups of information. Each day, preferably at night. The loss of information even 1 day can be for some companies are not allowed …
– Required a large number of different services that work together: Web-servers, file servers, database servers, server 1C, terminal server, mail and more. This software costs money, it must be able to adjust.

As a result, a large number of companies for the solution of these issues may not be feasible work. As a result, we have neglected the safety, stability, etc. Losing information and stability …

Cloud K2

To solve the above problems, we have created a cloud solution. This solution combines a number of servers and equipment that are distributed geographically, but work as a whole.

Thanks to the cloud, resolved all the issues that arise in companies shared data storage and access.

In solving the above problems and problems you just get a number of advantages:
– Reduces stress and demands on the user’s computer. Now, you can successfully work in a modern, resource-capacious software even on weak hardware (often obsolete). As a result, reduced cost workstation user.
– Speed ​​of deployment of new job is 5-10 minutes. In fact, you need to put a new computer, enter a username and password and log into the cloud. No need to install software, for example, MSOffice at the computer.
– Failure of the computer for a minute you can go to any other computer and continue.
– The cost of software is reduced. No need to buy a license to the user’s computer. Enough only pre-defined Windows on your computer or other operating system that was delivered to him.
– You can work with devices with different operating systems. You can work with smartphone operating systems Android, IOS, from the personal computer operating systems Linux, Windows, MacOS, on tablets operating systems IOS Android and etc.
– Information is encrypted, and as is backup of encrypted. All traffic is encrypted.
– The data is not stored in the workplace. Therefore, minimizing theft and loss of information.
– You can work from anywhere in the world without the risk of losing information.




Need cloud call:
+38 067 901-63-22

E-mail: rs@corp2.net
Web: http://corp2.eu

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Free antivirus software license


Is it possible to download free license antivirus running without registration and sms? Certainly possible! For most full-featured antivirus labs except versions of antivirus software designed to provide the most complete protection, offering lightweight version free download antivirus for home use.

What is the difference free antivirus license and pay their “brothers”?

In the inexperienced reader may wonder if it is possible to download free license antivirus working then why are paid versions of anti-virus software. What makes sense to buy antivirus if it is offered for free? Everything depends on the range of tasks performed by antivirus software. Home PC users often quite fit a basic level of protection: antivirus and directly to the security module while surfing on the Internet. For the corporate sector the necessary level of protection is much higher: antivirus addition to the basic functions required to protect online payments, filter all network traffic, protect against fraudulent (phishing) websites provide protection from the cloud to deal with new types of cyber threats. these usually have the prefix antivirus Internet Security, Web Space, Pro in its name. Of course, any anti-virus laboratory not only sells similar software, but also allows you to download free license antivirus working but with a limited period of free use (components usually 30 days).

What better download: Free Antivirus or paid?

So what better: download free license antivirus running without registration and sms or buy paid but functionally enhanced version? Let’s get on to the page of Avast’s virus lab and look at the comparative table of proposed anti-virus software.


The basic free antivirus Avast Free provides only three points of protection possible nine. However, if you as a customer and careful on your computer no confidential information, a bank customer, etc. you can easily download the free license antivirus running without registration and sms from the official website of the laboratory Avast and enjoy basic level of protection.

Where to download free license antivirus running without registration and sms?

Not all antivirus laboratories offer a working download free antivirus license. Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web LTD, Symantec, Eset or gives even the basic versions of their products for free. But this is not a problem because there are companies like Avast, AVG, Bitdefinder, are happy to give you the ability to upload your antivirus products (providing basic protection) for free.

As for hacking more expensive paid antivirus products class Internet Security, I strongly recommend to do so quickly duplicate keys are turned off and, in the process of finding such “anti-virus balls” can easily pick up a Trojan.



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System administrator


System administrator

Are you tired of unskilled staff and system administrators do not want to serve their own computers? Do you want to save money, but do not lose quality technical support in Kiev?

Then, the system administrator – the perfect choice!

The team of professional programmers and administrators solve your problems with hardware and software.

Complex servicing of office equipment includes:

* Customer service computers and networks.
* Maintenance of computers and servers on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, MacOS, IOS, Android.
* Setting up VPN, DHCP, DNS, antivirus, SSH, Apache, Nginx, FTP, etc.
* Call System Administrator in any area m. Kyiv.
* Repair and maintenance of computer equipment.
* LAN settings.
* Configure routers.
* Configure antivirus protection on the server and computers.
* Fight against viral infection minimizing loss of information and reinstalling the software.
* Consultation and Support.
* Data Protection, Backup.


IT-autsortynh – is a set of services, a number of critical tasks such as disability support office LAN and computer repair specialist (system administrator) who are not regular employee of your company.

It is financially profitable. The advantages of this approach:

* The costs of arrival system administrator reduced by an average of 20-40%.
* The system administrator is not required to allocate job, office equipment, etc. It is all there.
* Lack of social benefits, vacation, sick leave, etc.
* Clearly defined conditions of work.
* High level of knowledge and skills that are constantly improved the performance of diverse tasks in various enterprises.
* Availability of technical support 7 days a week.
* Speed ​​and high quality service.
A large number of services that can sorystatysya customer, domain registration, hosting, cloud technology to 1C and user experience, the decision to optimize the cost of hardware and software.

Services IT-Administrator in Kiev. IT-autstaffih

IT-outstaffing – a temporary employee hiring staff in client firms to carry out the necessary work. In fact, this surrender to “rent” a specialist for a while. For this type of service resort in cases where the status of the fleet of computers running strongly and administrator needed every day. In the case where “everything is running stronglythe best solution is a description of computer equipment, office network cards and orderly removal of all faults.

System Administrator Responsibilities

Often administrator taking care company that this really is not no pros accompanied faces a lot of problems: legacy “hardware” viruses, lack any technical documentation etc. Despite the complexity of the situation, the system administrator must make the plan work, sort complaint / user requirements by priority and step by step to solve the problem. In general obligations coming system administrator can cite as the following list:
* The system administrator should react to damage computers office.
* Keep track of urgency versions of the software.
* Ensure safety of network and computer office.
* The system administrator must use only licensed programs or Free Soft.
* System administrator, just can teach users of computer literacy.

The system administrator is responsible for IT security

Computer viruses – the most common problem of offices not protected quality antivirus software. Relying on the “maybe” and without means of monitoring and protecting computer users, the chances of losing data and, importantly, money from the accounts are very high. The system administrator must install and configure antivirus software to monitor its work and relevance virus. This will reduce the risk of virus outbreaks (everything is worth mention that absolute protection against malware does not exist) and allow to quickly locate and remove the infected computer malware. Do not underestimate the danger of computer viruses: a huge number of them (in the laboratory Dr.Web about 2.8 million. Species) and functional fairly large: network worm family Kido, for example, is able to copy itself to an unlimited number of computers and short time paralyze the work of the office and banking Trojan can easily steal money from the account of the company.

Virtual System Administrator – remote user support

Minor faults programmatic, it is realistic to eliminate remotely without being in the office. System Administrator extensive use in the so-called Remote Desktop, connect to the user’s computer via the Internet using special software.

Call us, we will help:
+38 067 901-63-22
E-mail: rs@corp2.net
Web: http://corp2.eu

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The program K2® Collector


Released new version K2® collector. It will be available only to registered users. What’s new in this version:
* The possibility see original image .
* Change category does not work.
* column mark 2 .
* The possibility tie author to several categories .
* format support tif for photos.
* The possibility of adding file in base database with the guidelines directory,
where load photos.
* Saving original image in original format .
* Calculation number card in series and writers.
* Filter by login and by (establishing and change ) .
* Statistics on changes / creature is selected for interval on users .
* The possibility tell Cyrillic from the English letters.
* Fixed disadvantage in index.
* Fixed disadvantage output series physical filter.

Site of the program: https://corp2.net/index.php/programmnoe-obespechenie/nashi-razrabotki/programma-kollektsioner-k2/

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The course via the Internet: Site without programming (Webinar)


The estimated time education: 10 sessions by 1,5-2 hours. Frequency classes: 1 lesson a week.

Price course : 1500 USD
For each client found on this course is provided to you discount on 25% .
Training is conducted in Russian.

The tentative start course : 12-18 January 2015 year.
application on passing course Send mail to: rs@corp2.net

The purpose of the course : teach in practice expand and create dynamic sites ( blogs subject sites, Internet stores) without programming.

Studies conducted over the internet (webinar). After studying video files provided lessons. Therefore, you are not limited in time and place-training.

Do №1 ( Introductory lesson. Concepts .)
Introduction . Introduction. Determining the level training. to What is site Each ? Types sites: blog, information, online store, single- and etc. What distinguishes Programming administration of website. (10 minutes)
tools, that we use for collaboration : Teamviewer , mail, Skype, Google document. (15 minutes)
What domain, Domain Registration , Hosting, Saas- service, IP- dress. (10 minutes)
Which operating systems are used for web -hostynhu. (5 minutes)
Can do web -hostynh at home? What for do this
? (5 minutes)
Review most popular CMS systems: 1C-Bitrix , Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Shop Script , Open Cart. (10 minutes)
The advantages and disadvantages data of . Difference free and paid of . What better paid or free ? (5 minutes)
Example Administration Joomla, 1C-Bitrix , WordPress, Drupal, Shop Script , Open Cart. ( 25 minutes)
Services on site : Google Site , Ucos , Google Blog, Facebook  and etc. Example of creating sites on data the services. ( 20 minutes).
Homework .

Total : 105 minutes.

Do №2 ( domain registration, hosting , copy files on hosting )
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
URL. domain . NC. What it is. Indexing site search engines . as the search system position sites when searching . (10 minutes)
domain registration . What recorders . Services on Domainregistration . Why should have domain . The risks of loss rights on domain . (15 minutes)
Subdomains . How subdomains be in domain ? How to make , to at address any poddomenu went [3×1000 ] appeal on your website? ( 5 minutes)
DNS -server. Speed ​​ update information changes to your domain ( 5 minutes).
Hosting . How do server provider . The importance setting server.
Telnet, Ping , CMD . Entering commands from the command line. Check order, that the domain registered and had upgrade. Check availability computers or server online . (10 minutes)

Homework .

Total : 115 minutes.

Sports №3 (database , deployment CMS systems).
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
What base data. What SQL. What different SQL database not from SQL. Databases: MySQL, MsSQL , SQLLite , Postgresql, Firebird , MsSQL , Access, DBF , Paradox, Text, CSV , XML and etc. in What are the advantages and disadvantages database data. (15 minutes)

deployment CMS -systems. unfolds WordPress, Shop Script , Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart . (30 minutes)
Homework .

Total : 100 minutes.

Do №4 ( WordPress, plugins, OpenCart )
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
Selecting and download pattern , setting Header , filling content , creating menu , key words , menu, Search, conclusion modules in public part. ( 35 minutes)
Plugins. Plugins : translation on Polytones different language , anti – spam, Internet -mahazyn OpenCart , the addition of in social networks. ( 45 minutes)
Website Promotion through social networks. Limitations social networks. ( 15 minutes).
Homework .

Total : 105 minutes.

Sports №5 (Analysis attendance. Indexing search [ 3×1001] systems)
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
Tools for web designers from the search of Google , Yandex. Proof rights on site . prescription sites in search systems . Speed ​​ Index sites. ( 20 minutes)
counters. Why they need. Varieties meters. Box meters. View Statistics . key analysis words. ( 25 minutes)
Spam and fighting him. (15 minutes)
Backup site, database. Modules for reserve copy. Recovery copies of the site . Creation test website. Secure Site resistance. ( 35 minutes).
Homework .

Total : 105 minutes.

Do №6 ( adjustment site design )
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
What html , css , tags . Creation empty html file. Creation static file. Why Changes html , css – it is not Programming . ( 35 minutes)
adjustment html , css in WordPress . What if lost access website through the web admin. Edit site through Far , ssh ( putty). structure store files pattern in WordPress . ( 60 minutes)
Homework .

Total : 105 minutes.

Sports №7 ( Shop Script)
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)

Homework .

Total : 110 minutes.

Do №8 ( OpenCart, Drupal )
Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
work in OpenCart and Drupal. structure file administration, filling connection Plugins . The advantages and disadvantages data of . ( 100 minutes)
Homework .

Total : 110 minutes.

Sports №9 ( Virtual machines. Creation his hosting. High loaded sites ( Nginx, Apache ).)

Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
What is virtual machine. What it convenience. Installation Virtualbox or vmplayer , setting Linux Ubuntu . ( 25 minutes)
What web server. deployment web -server Apache. Edit configuration files using putty or terminal . Creating Domain in the virtual car. Download Site on ip address or name website. Bind9 . ( 35 minutes)
Web -server Nginx . to what is it . Settings of relations Apache + Nginx . ( 35 minutes)
deployment MySQL , FTP, phpMyAdmin . (30 minutes)
appeal external to your virtual car. Settings for forwarding port on router . Dynamic and static IP- address. As do Dynamic for static . ( 25 minutes)

Total : 160 minutes.

Sports №10 (Method creating your pattern. The general concept . The process of creating a website from scratch with idyvidualnym design. Answer on issues that have accumulated .)

Processing issues in homework . (10 minutes)
Stages of the site from scratch : create pattern , cutting, integration in CMS -systemu programming modules CMS -system, content promotion. (5 minutes)
Creation pattern in image radaktorah . PhotoShop, Gimp , Firework and etc. ( 35 minutes) .
Cutting pattern with graphical representation . html , css . What should be the results cutting . ( 25 minutes)
Integration in CMS -systemu. ( 25 minutes)
Discussion of accumulated . End course . (10 minutes)

Total : 110 minutes.

Total time : 1125 minutes ( 18,75 hours).

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The program K2® Collector

Released new version K2® collector. It will be available only to registered users. What’s new in this version:
* To separate editor image from view.
* Optimization speed.
* Output reduced image not only for more pictures, but and for the main .
* Correction some deficiencies.
* Fixed disadvantage search .
* Full-text search .
* Some optimization in team Reindexing search fields .
* improve search ( preparation for full text search ).
* Several name in authors ( synonyms names) .
* Exploratory right for search author and Series ( to search not only on the list ).
* Security name from special , characters that can not be use in files ( / \ ? * | ).
* improved report analysts.
* in the intelligence disregard removed position.
* improve search (not to crossed name in transliteration with s word combinations).

© 2014, https:. Все права защищены. Rudyuk Sergey. К2®

The program K2® Collector


Released new version K2® collector. It will be available only to registered users.
What’s new in this version:
* When cleaning search filter Title update table .
* Show value filter at filtration.
* Fixed error clean author and Series in intelligence .
* Fixed choice categories .
* Beautiful Screen Saver at input.

Site of the program: https://corp2.net/index.php/programmnoe-obespechenie/nashi-razrabotki/programma-kollektsioner-k2/

© 2014, https:. Все права защищены. Rudyuk Sergey. К2®

The program K2® Collector


Released new version K2® collector. It will be available only to registered users.
What’s new in this version:
* Fixed disadvantage comes out at open program .
* Scrolls image in the analysis series by pressing PgDn, PgUp .
* Opening great photos analysis series at pressed on button O.
* Fixed transfer the author.
* The analysis in series ability to view in magnified immediately 2 -x photos.
* button call reference should be available at edit cards.
* Simplification design.
* Fee ltratsiya made by in separate window .
* Reference made in separate window .
* Admin part made by in separate window .
* Filtering on whose Photo” .
* The possibility inserts name by , city in the name of card .
* Directory whose photo” .
* The possibility indicate for card whose photo .
* realized 2 ext. field check.
* field exchange .
* The authors of and Series displays different for different categories.

Site of the program: https://corp2.net/index.php/programmnoe-obespechenie/nashi-razrabotki/programma-kollektsioner-k2/


© 2014, https:. Все права защищены. Rudyuk Sergey. К2®

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