Programs for Linux

AnotherLevel – version okonnoho manager fvwm2.
Antiword – converter DOC (Microsoft Word 6, 7, 97, 2000 and 2002) files in plain text and to PostScript Under Linux, BeOS, OS / 2, Mac OS X, Amiga and DOS.
APG – (Automated Password Generator) – generator accidentally, finite, sets of characters opredelennыh USED IN creation unykalnыh password. Licence: BSD.
Apollo – nebolshoy mnohofuntsyonalnыy GUI for mpg123. Yspolzuet Qt 2.x.
Applix – COMMERCIAL office, a mortgage on Microsoft Office.
Ardour – профессиональный multichannel audyorekorder / audyoredaktor.
aShop – Russian version of the program with otkrыtыm code for creating an online store on PHP + MySQL. Ymeet vstroennuyu partnerskuyu More.
Astaro Security Linux – new decision gateway of protection in Linux. Ynspektsyyu produces stateful, filtering packets, vyrusnoe Scan, VPN “with” IPSec and much more. Platnaya Programs.
Astrophysics Source Code Library – Library (or archive) yshodnыh Coded Astrofyzyky, where sobranы yshodnыh codes in the vicinity polusotny DIFFERENT packets actually prymenyayuschyhsya Or at prymenyavshyhsya Conduct samыh DIFFERENT astronomycheskyh research.

Atlantik – Igra napodobye? S monopoly ?, podderzhkoy Networks and vsevozmozhnыh oryhynalnыh topics clearance. Included in the package kdegames.

autoconf – Utility for building a funds when configuring Automatic assembly.

autossh – a program to control and recovery SSH connections. Is working similarly rstunnel (Reliable SSH Tunnel).

avi2divx – Utility for preobzazovanyya vydeofaylov format to * .avi divx.
AviPlay – proyhrыvatel video. Ymeet Convenient interface. Trebuet the Library Qt and SDL.

Ayttm – one of samыh prostыh in the Use of IM-clients. Podderzhyvaet MSN, AIM, Jabber and others system.

badRAM – patch for Linux kernel pozvolyayuschaya Require bytыe memory modules.
Balls – yzvestnoy clone game for DOS “Lines”.

BasicLinux – mini-distro (2 Mb, yksov no), prednaznachennыy to work in Networks on starыh computers. Can bыt launched of Dos.

Baudline – профессиональный real-time analyzer audio-files. Allows us to rassmatryvat ANY single, kak pod microscope. Represents 5 species monitors.


BG-Rescue Linux – mynyatyurnыy avaryyno spasatelnыy-Linux-distribution.
billing – Accounting System for Internet Users providers with quantities vhodnыh dyalapnыh lines from 1 to 25.
bin86 – sredstva Provision kompylyatsyy (lynker, assembler etc.), sovmestno with binutils.

binkleyforce – mэyler.
Biscuit – HTTP proxy-server napysannыy in Perl. Main functions: Take care, and edited prosmatryvat cookies. Using Prednaznachen for: How CGI debugging tool.

bitchX – samыy Famous konsolnыy IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. Vstroennыy ANSI color. Rasshyrenыy set of DCC.
bladeenc – program for conversion of wav-files to mpeg layer 3.

blowfish – heshyrovanyya system password.

bluexmms – Programme for Control XMMS with proyhrыvatelem pomoshchju mobile phone via bluetooth.

bochs – emulator PC, napysannыy to C ++. Online эffektyven not only for Using i386 applications, but javljaetsja well as poleznыm Tool for Creating and Testing Programs. Pozvolyaet the Download DOS, Win95 / NT okne in X Window. Allows us to ustanavlyvat WinNT4.0 s CDROM.

BSDftpd-ssl – FTP-server sootvetstvuyuschyy RFC2228 “FTP Security Extensions”. Based on FreeBSD ftpd, with pomoshchju spetsyalnыh clients podderzhyvaet TLS / SSL.

Bulldozer – vyzualnыy web-editor.

Calcium – punktualnыh solution for people on Bazet Perl CGI. Calendar, daily log, pozvolyayuschyy correctly raspredelyt Rabocheye time. Terms of Distribution: Source-available commercial.

cdctl – Utility for Linux pozvolyayuschaya osuschestvlyat nyzkourovnevoe Management CD / DVD-ROM, for example, daet Ability limitations maksymalnoy speed.

cdparanoia – Transfer CDDA (audio) CD-ROM drive in formatov files: wav, aiff, aiff-c and raw.
CDRchive – hrafycheskaya shell k mkisofs, cdrecord and cdda2wav to record CD-R and CD-RW discs with dannыmy (data) and muzыkoy.

CDRX – Perl-script pozvolyayuschyy in console mode installation program proyzvesty, Create ISO images, Burn to CD-R / RW.

centericq – Convenient rusyfytsyrovannыy konsolnыy client ICQ. Podderzhyvaet protocol ICQ 2000. Ymeet Ability posalt SMS. Based on ncurses.
cfitsio – astronomy. Classical Library (k functions can be kotoroj obraschatsya of Custom Programs for C, Fortran) Uylyama pensions kotoraja allows us to Business (read, edited, Edit) with FITS-files.


chkrootkit – script to obnaruzhenyya rootkit’ov in bynarnыh files system. How rootkit’ы determines Famous for signatures, so i Novye troyanskye insert.

CGI: IRC – Perl-script pozvolyayuschyy polzovatsya IRC from a web browser.

Cinelerra – Studio for mounting vydeomateryala. High Enough Systemic requirements.

ClarkConnect -? Quick razvertыvanyya server? – A project poluchyvshyy beginning to zadvorkah (they way i write -? At zadvorkah?) Carnegue Mellon University in early 2000 year. For creating zarehystryrovannoho product bыla orhanyzovana company Point Clark Net. In nastojashchee TIME onaya classes razrabotkoy concept? Black Box? – That is Wood generation servers with zadannoy funktsyonalnostyu, rasschytannыmy a job in non-managed mode.

ClusterKnoppix – distribution based on Knoppix for more convenient creation klasterov. Need a vsego lysh Load all mashiny sets with эtoho drive – and cluster ready.
cmp3 – konsolnыy proyhrыvatel mpeg-audyofaylov with faylovыm browser, playlist and Volume control.
CNSearch – search engine. Main Features – Easy ustanavlyvaetsya on ANY server, including, and are free. Sostoyt system of two absolutely nezavysymыh often – yndeksatora and frontend.
Code Forge – Development Wednesday, package prednaznachen for Development krupnыh projects and oryentyrovan solely on Unix-systems: Linux (on platforms Intel, Alpha and PowerPC), FreeBSD (Intel), Solaris (Intel, UltraSPARC), as well as a number of others.
CodeCrusader – most moschnaya nekommercheskaya Wednesday Development Under Linux.



confcollect – zapomynaet systemnuyu the info, for example SETTING Provision of software, tablytsы router and etc.
console-tools – package configuration console for text mode (эkrannыe shryftы, raskladka keyboard, language). Zamenyl package kbd, such kotorogo otlychaetsya dramatically

cooledit – Cool Editor – tekstovыy editor, part mc


srashEcho – tosser, rabotayuschyy with formats bazы JAM and * .MSG. Creative bazyrovalas on CrashMail II.
csh – (C Shell) – shell, in language syntax napomynayuschaya Si

dav – tekstovыy editor c эffektyvnыm Using memory and processor resources. Interface razrabatыvalsya for mild and Quick work. Based on ncurses
DDD – Data Display Debugger (debugger with vyzualnыm otobrazhenie Data). DDD – This hrafycheskyy Interface napysannыy Andreas Zeller and Dorothea Luetkenhaus (with support of many others programmers soobschestva freely Provision of software) and Becoming chastyu GNU Project recently (Despite it, that on and to эtoho lytsenzyrovalsya pod GPL).

deco -faylovыy manager Similar Norton Commander.

DemoLinux – one of samыh starыh and samыh of famous LiveCD distributions. How and Knoppix, based on Debian GNU / Linux with Automatic apparatnыm obnaruzhenyem, mnohoyazыchnыmy characteristics, KDE, Gnome and Bolshoi quantities Programs. Samыy Large lacking – poslednyaya version эtoho distribution vыshla 26 March 2002 year.

DjVu- complex and Utility Programs for work with sootvetstvuyuschym hrafycheskym format.
dial2net- zvonylka.

diffutils – two vzaymodopolnyayuschyh recruitment – diffutils and patch, First of kotorыh (in-stock cmp, diff, diff3, sdiff) prednaznachen compared to files with fyksatsyey razlychyy s, and the second – for amending in accordance with the эtymy samыmy zafyksyrovannыmy differences. Utility, pozvolyayuschaya Find all otlychyya lyubыh files, Even If one file – obnovlennaya second version.

dip – Programs Establishment SLIP-compounds through posledovatelnoe new device, for example a modem. Obespechyvaet dozvonku, server login with obtaining Dynamic ili s ukazanyem statycheskoho IP-address.

DML – allows us to made the hosts to udalennыh unykalnыe projects on the basis statycheskyh HTML shablonov without Using svyazok type PHP + MySQL.

DNS Commander Enterprise Edition – Server Domennыh name. Yavlyaets dostoynoy alternatyvoy BIND / MSDNS systems, prevoshodyt s Almost 3 times in proyzvodytelnosty. Podderzhyvaet: Linux, Solaris, Windows.

DosEmu – emulator to run DOS-applications.
downloader for X – allows us to simply and more reliable download files on the protocol ftp and http. Podderzhyvaet ftp and http proxy. Lokalyzovana 13 languages.

dsniff -snyffer with kachestvennoy podderzhkoy plugins. Trebuet libpcap, ibnet, libnids and OpenSSH. No blog psevdohrafycheskoho interface.


e2fsprogs – Dial Utility for systems of service faylovыh ​​Linux second extended (ext2).
Eagle Linux – document Kotor opysыvaetsya, As made the LiveCD dystrybutyvы. It is possible to Require Study for Linux Or for creating svoeho distribution.

ed – potokovыy (neynteraktyvnыy) tekstovыy editor.



eject – command and program vыbrosa bearer for CD ROM, ZIP, Jaz
ELKS – a project to portyrovanyyu of Linux on Stariy 8086/286 processor. Íîâîì Release added support TCP / IP, SLIP, else plus semaforov heap crayons fyksov.

emacs-nox – program for Emacs – Only for work in text mode.
emelfm – faylovыy podderzhkoy manager with plug-ins. Ymeet functions: vsplыvayuschye menu horyachye Key, backlight files, drag & amp; drop. Based on GTK.
EMS MySQL Utils – Dial Utility for exports and imports Data Between MySQL and the second database.

enlightenment – krasyvыy and Convenient Windowed manager.


Etherboot – zahruzochnыh package for creating ROM (boot ROMS) for loading Linux and others OS rabotayuschyh for x86 PC, via Network, yspolzuya Internet protocols, such kak bootp / DHCP and tftp.

exim – small sympatychnыy MTA with neplohym konfyhom.

explore2fs – Means for work with faylovoy systemoy ext2fs of Win 9x / Me / NT / 2K. Interface Explorer-shaped.

Eye of Gnome – prosmotrschyk hrafycheskyh File Under Gnome.

fakeBO – poddelnыy BackOrifice-server.

fBuilder – Web-interface for configuring ipchains / iptables. FBuilder Lite Version svobodnaya for distribution.

fftw – Pack rasscheta Quick Fourier transformation (FFT) in a single ili Several measurement.
file – the team allows us to detalyzovat type regular file (yspolnymoho, text and so on) in TN “Magical sequence” bytes in the ego principle.

cp, dd and ln for simple Copy File, Copy with ssыlok transformation and creation, as well as to install Copy ustanovkoy with attributes;
mv, rm, rmdir to pereymenovanyya / SHIFT files, s Remove, Uninstall Catalog;

xargs, yspolzuemaya Usually in Paray village komandoy find, allows us to Apply nekye commands to the list files;
updatedb – Updates a means of bazы Data faylovoy system, yspolzuemoy komandoy locate.

Firestarter – Ipchains Firewall Utility-Monitor. Interface Gnome.
Firewall Monitor – Firewall-Monitor. Yntehryrovan with ipchains / iptables, something allows us to Receive all firewall-Important events in real time.

flex – leksycheskyy Analyzer language C.

Flawfinder – Analyzer yshodnыh texts on the language C / C ++ in terms of availability problems with bezopasnostyu.
fluxbox – Windowed kompaktnыy manager, is located in the Primary Stage of development.
Fly8 – avyasymulyator for the Network games.


FreeCNC – Census game Command & amp; Conquer Under Linux, BeOS and Windows. Yspolzuet SDL Library.

Freeduc CD – modyfytsyrovannыy Knoppix, ysklyuchayuschyy Some Large program and vklyuchayuschyy poleznoe prohrammnoe Provision for education.
FreeLoader Linux – LiveCD distribution. Based on Slackware.

freetype – SUMMARY engine with prostыm API to work co fonts.

fringe – hrafycheskyy Tool for predstavlenyya and manypulyrovanyya over dannыmy, menyayuschymysya of time t, for example spectrogram of speech.
frozen-bubble – Funny “arcade” nice vыpolnennaya hrafychesky.

fvwm – Windowed manager for registration of a mortgage much on Windows. fvwm2 – ego second version.
Gabber – client for GNOME. Pozvolyaet to communicate with the second type of client ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN and Even IRC.


gcc – kompylyator language C in Kotor written Bolshaya part of the Linux operating system and programs for the nee.


geexbox – ISO-image of the boot CD (~ 5MB) to Lookup fylmov and proslushyvanyya of music on Bazet Mplayer.
gentoo – prodvynutыy faylovыy manager. Based on GTK.

ghostscript-fonts for GhostScript font -nabor



glint – hrafycheskyy interface for management packets (proverka, ynstallyatsyya, Uninstall) on X Window Bazet
Gltron – Igra in kotoroj Each character edet vyrtualnom on motorcycles. Purpose of the game: one for ostatsya honochnoy track.
gmc –

Gnapster – Napster for Unix. Umeet download, vыkachyvat, Look files. Interface Gnome.

gnome-chord -prohrammka of help you find bystro Needs chord, as well as ukazhet sootvetstvuyuschuyu emu applykaturu hytarы on the fretboard.
gnomeicu – one of better ICQ clients for X-Window. Based on gnomelibs.

Gnometab – dovolno still sympatychnыy tabulaturnыy editor (guitar) for Gnome-okruzhenyya.
Gnome Toaster – program for creating CD-ROM drive with druzhestvennыm k USER interface, that allows us to Create ANY CD, after schelchkov Several mouse.
Gnomp3 – proyhrыvatel mpeg-audyofaylov. Not Very krasyvыy interface, but horoshaya speed. Korrektno works with Very Bolshoi playlist. Interface Gnome.

gnumeric – analogue Excel MS Office.
GNU Prolog – kompylyator language Prolog.

GoboLinux – desktop-oriented Linux distribution with alternatyvnoy strukturoy Catalog. For example, hrafycheskaya X Window System is located in /Programs/XFree86/4.3/, etc
Gog & amp; Magog – sozdaet list of attributes and vladeltsev files, allows us to Automatic delat Comparison.
GO-MOKU – setevaya konsolnaya Igra.

gpm – Service konsolnoy mouse.
gqview – prosmotrschyk files depicted JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX / BMP.

grep – Inbox in the composition of a set program grep, fgrep and egrep prednaznachenы Search for tekstovыh fragments (shablonov) files.
grip – proyhrыvatel, grabber and recoder audio-CD,

GRUB – GRand Unified Bootloader – Manager Downloads, yspolzuetsya Instead of LILO.
gSmbScanner – NetBIOS scanner. Analogue Essential Net Tools for Windows. Based on GTK.
Gstring – prohrammka prednaznachena to adjust hytarы. You can, Require As with podderzhkoy hrafycheskoho interface, and so without him. The program is easy to portyruema platformы others.
GSwitchIt – program for more convenient pereklyuchenyya raskladok keyboard. Podderzhyvaet to chetыrёh DIFFERENT klavyaturnыh raskladok, syhnalyzatsyyu at pereklyuchenyy, Various raskladky in raznыh oknah, etc

gtk + – GIMP Tool Kit – Library for creating Custom hrafycheskoho interface for X Window.
gtksee – prosmotrschyk files depicted JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX / BMP (analog ACDSee), optymyzyrovannыy for slabыh processors.

Guitar FX Processor – udachnaya Development hytarnoho processor. The entire set of audio converter and else neskolko Pack Detail. For эlektrohytarы.

gzip – Programs szhatyya files

Hancom Office – COMMERCIAL office. Based on Qt.

harvest – personalnaya search engine.

Hugues Image Viewer – prosmotrschyk depicted with function editor.

IceWM – zamechatelno Speed, kompaktnыy and nastrayvaemыy Windowed manager.
iconv – program of translation of a text file in druhuyu One charsets, for example of cp1251 in koi-8.
icqmail – daemon kotorыy hanging on in Chelles bэkhraunde and forvardyt ICQ-messahy on e-mail.

ICU – svobodny client ICQ.

ImageMagick – Lookup Tool for pictures and manypulyatsyy with them. Podderzhyvaet formatы JPEG, TIFF, PNM, GIF and Photo CD. Allows us to Change Size, povorachyvat, menyat tsvetovuyu Saturation, Require special effects, as well as the Save Picture in another formate. This set of ImageMagick hrafycheskyh Utility to work with the image. Utilities Such As This display, import, animate, montage, convert, mogrify, identify and combine.

imWheel – Utility zastavlyayuschaya Work wheels on the mouse.

Indigo Magic Desktop for Linux – version hrafycheskoy environment, delayuschey savers to make the most of a mortgage funktsyonalnosty on SGI IRIX.
infusion – postal customers. Based on Qt.

INSERT – ISO-image of the boot CD (~ 50MB) for analysis, recovery and system of treatment for Bazet Knoppix.
install-sendmail – Perl-script to configure the MTA sendmail.

ipacs – Under Linux package for collection, and summyrovanyya predstavlenyya Data on Quantity and Size packets protocol TCP / IP, proshedshyh Liboje through some kind of interface.

IPStat – Accounting produces IP-traffic counters values ​​but grounds rules ipchains / iptables. Data hranyatsya in the database MySQL, Preview statistics osushchestvljaetsja with pomoshchju web interface.

IRAF – Image Reduction? Analysis Facility, – System for Monitor and analysis of data astronomycheskyh (NOAO). Data in the Optical and mainly ynfrakrasnыe.



itcl –

Jade – a front-end processor for SGML. Online yspolzuet DocBook DTD and DSSSL for veryfykatsyy and you

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