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Free antivirus software license


Is it possible to download free license antivirus running without registration and sms? Certainly possible! For most full-featured antivirus labs except versions of antivirus software designed to provide the most complete protection, offering lightweight version free download antivirus for home use.

What is the difference free antivirus license and pay their “brothers”?

In the inexperienced reader may wonder if it is possible to download free license antivirus working then why are paid versions of anti-virus software. What makes sense to buy antivirus if it is offered for free? Everything depends on the range of tasks performed by antivirus software. Home PC users often quite fit a basic level of protection: antivirus and directly to the security module while surfing on the Internet. For the corporate sector the necessary level of protection is much higher: antivirus addition to the basic functions required to protect online payments, filter all network traffic, protect against fraudulent (phishing) websites provide protection from the cloud to deal with new types of cyber threats. these usually have the prefix antivirus Internet Security, Web Space, Pro in its name. Of course, any anti-virus laboratory not only sells similar software, but also allows you to download free license antivirus working but with a limited period of free use (components usually 30 days).

What better download: Free Antivirus or paid?

So what better: download free license antivirus running without registration and sms or buy paid but functionally enhanced version? Let’s get on to the page of Avast’s virus lab and look at the comparative table of proposed anti-virus software.


The basic free antivirus Avast Free provides only three points of protection possible nine. However, if you as a customer and careful on your computer no confidential information, a bank customer, etc. you can easily download the free license antivirus running without registration and sms from the official website of the laboratory Avast and enjoy basic level of protection.

Where to download free license antivirus running without registration and sms?

Not all antivirus laboratories offer a working download free antivirus license. Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web LTD, Symantec, Eset or gives even the basic versions of their products for free. But this is not a problem because there are companies like Avast, AVG, Bitdefinder, are happy to give you the ability to upload your antivirus products (providing basic protection) for free.

As for hacking more expensive paid antivirus products class Internet Security, I strongly recommend to do so quickly duplicate keys are turned off and, in the process of finding such “anti-virus balls” can easily pick up a Trojan.



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